Bride's Advice: Wedding Advice from #Silverfoxy Pros


We decided to take it to the pros to get the scoop on what wedding planning is really like and how to make the best of it. Oh, and by pros, we mean past #Silverfoxy brides. Here's Erin's take on all things weddings after her two-year-long engagement and wedding day celebrated at Danfords:

What was the most fun part about wedding planning?

Erin: Going to all of the appointments with my husband (then he was my fiancé) and making an event out of it. We would always go or after, either to lunch or dinner. It always made it fun and reminded us of why we were getting married in the first place, because we have fun together!

What was the most stressful thing about wedding planning?

Erin: All the little details that we had to think about suddenly came up all at once. I wanted all of my guests to be happy so I worried about making it a nice event for them.

What is/was your favorite resource for wedding planning advice?

Erin: The Knot

What is one piece of wedding advice you would pass on to future brides and grooms planning their wedding?

Erin: Remember the real reason you are planning this party- to celebrate your love with your closest family and friends. Don't get bogged down with the small stuff. Keep the big picture in mind!

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to future brides and grooms to remember on their wedding day?

Erin: Have fun, look around and savor the moments. Make sure you say hello to everyone that came to celebrate the two of you. Make sure you eat!!

Pretty good stuff, huh!? And from the look of it, her advice definitely rings true because her and her husband, Michael, had the most wonderful day! See for yourself:

4x6Accordion Erin & Michael4.jpg
4x6Accordion Erin & Michael5.jpg

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